Translation Services

We also provide regular translation services. Along with our web translation services we offer the traditional services that you may need to translate your regular business work. In this actual growing and changing society your business may encounter the need to offer services in other language than English, We can help you in your English-Spanish or Spanish-English needs at a very competitive price.

We offer:

  • Translation of documents from English to Spanish

  • Translation of documents from Spanish to English

  • Transcription of tapes (voice or video) to paper

  • Translation of tapes (voice or video) to paper

  • Translation of tapes (voice or video) to same type of media

  • Review and correction on already translated documents

  • As consultant and/or maintenance of your translation needs

  • Translation of presentations to access Spanish-only speakers

  • We can handle many types of software to satisfy your translation and/or technical needs

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